Bell’s Palsy Progress Report: This Girl Is On Fire!

Image      Photo taken the evening of 1-9-2014


I’ve come a long way from where I was a month ago. I owe all my progress to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While I did question why *I* had to be diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, many times I might add, I kept my faith strong throughout the healing process. It’s something that really helped me get through the emotional part of being a TV News Reporter with a half paralyzed face.

With that being said, today’s progress report is…This Girl is on Fire! Really, I’m on fire! On fire for the Lord, on fire for my quick healing and on fire about life in general. I really can’t say there are too many side effects left after my diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy on December 8th, 2013. My smile is nearly COMPLETELY back. My dry eye is only a problem when I’m outside and it’s windy, which may happen whether I had the condition or not. I rarely bite my lip anymore when I eat, and my left eye has nearly returned to normal. However, I do still suffer from some exhaustion and headaches. So, when I get a day off, I try not to push myself too hard. But, most of the physical issues, ones you would likely notice if you saw me in public, are gone.

In the future, look for a post on my blog about my interview with Hubert Tate. Hubert is also a reporter with KARK-FOX16. He talked to me, this week, about my struggle with Bell’s Palsy and how I got through the condition as a TV News Reporter. The story will air next month…more details to come.

2 thoughts on “Bell’s Palsy Progress Report: This Girl Is On Fire!

  1. jerry kemp

    I am so glad that I got to meet you. You continue to impress and inspire me with your faith and humble heart. Beautiful woman– beautiful heart.


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